“Zazen,” in ancient Japanese Buddhist teachings, means to meditate in the lotus position, to simply sit while suspending all thoughts that may come to mind. Living in our fast-paced world, it is important to find a moment to step back and simply be, which is why our Wellness Programs have been created.

Surrounded by tranquil and soothing tropical greenery, our programs are made for anyone who wishes to deepen their already-peaceful holidays, with smooth and gentle treatments to nurture their bodies, minds and souls. The end goal is to submerge into our programs, while still enjoying your tropical getaway and to return home feeling restored and recharged.  Choose from our 5 programs depending on your individual goals and prepare to reach another level of Zen.



Our De-Stress Program was made for guests who wish to simply slow down from their busy schedules and return home feeling recharged and balanced.


Our gentle detox program is perfect for anyone looking to rid their bodies of toxins, while not leaping into a rigorous, strict detox. Ensure a new start with a combination of healthy juices and detoxifying spa treatments.

Sleep Well

A healthy sleeping pattern is the basis of leading a healthier lifestyle. Our program has been designed to provide our guests with habits in their day-to-day lives that will ultimately lead to a good night’s rest.


Pamper yourself and reach a deeper layer of relaxation when indulging in our Spa Program. With two treatments per day, guarantee the relaxing holiday you’ve always wished for.


With a range of anti-ageing spa treatments and daily yoga classes, return home feeling serene and rejuvenated.