The Humidor

“If I cannot smoke in heaven, then I shall not go,” Mark Twain declared. Though the boom was partly lit by the cigar’s affordability, they soon become a must-have accessory for debonair gentlemen — men like King Edward VII famously announced a break with the smoke-free policies of his mother Queen Victoria by uttering the words: “Gentlemen, you may smoke.” And Freud was a chimney: Patients on his couch had to endure not only running commentary about their suppressed Oedipal complexes but the acrid stench from his 20-a-day cigar habit (which ultimately killed him too).

Despite the obvious health risks, cigars remain a fixture of pop culture. An episode of Seinfeld centered on a box of Cubans, while the stogie’s famous champions include Michael Jordan, Rush Limbaugh and Lil’ Wayne. Politicians dabble too — Arnold Schwarzenegger is a noted fan — although puffing on a Cuban can leave an eggy residue on a pol’s face.

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