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16 January 2017

Thailand as a Tourist Destination

Thailand is a distinctive South East Asian country that escaped colonial rule and maintained the special characteristics of its culture. You’ll notice during your stay that Thailand is devoutly loyal to the monarch and to the Buddhist religion. There is also a significant Muslim population, both on Koh Samui and in the south of the country.

Thailand is a democratic country, and despite some teething problems in recent years, it has found its way back on track and looks to the future with optimism.

Thailand is a highly popular tourist destination, with a mountainous region in the north surrounding the cultural city of Chiang Mai, a range of ruinous remnants of lost kingdoms leading you down to the modern capital, Bangkok, traditional rural lifestyle in the northeast and stunning beach and island locations in the South.

In the 19th century, two kings, Mongkut and his son Chulalongkorn, introduced Western-style education to the country, creating the pathways to an international outlook alongside rich tradition.