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26 April 2014

Koh Samui – An Island Paradise

Koh Samui has been settled for around 1500 years and appears on 500 year old Chinese maps from the Ming dynasty. Fishing was the major source of income first, before the island added the joint industry of coconut plantations. Koh Samui is now one of the world’s most desirable tourist destinations.

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Koh Samui is Thailand’s third largest island and the largest in a group of nearly 100 tropical islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Known as the Samui Archipelago, only three islands besides Samui are inhabited: Koh Tan, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao.

Koh Samui is a brilliant and popular tropical island arising from the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Siam.

Samui has developed from a traditional fishing island, populated by settlers from the Southern China Hainan region, into the cosmopolitan collection of high class restaurants and exclusive spas that it is today.

What makes the island so naturally special is carefully retained alongside the appearance of luxury modern amenities, verdant mountain forests, hidden waterfalls, the indigenous monkeys, signature coconuts and of course, magnificent beaches the joy of Thailand.

A holiday in Samui, Thailand, may range from the adventurous to the peaceful, the active to the serene, with so much to entertain and enthrall the whole family, and a wealth of untouched beauty to delight visiting couples. Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa in samui is ideally positioned on a serene stretch of beachfront along the northern shore of the island, in the quietly chic village of Bo Phut. More relaxed than Samuis usual tourist locations, Bo Phut exhibits a romantic charm, with distinctive and individualistic shops, cafes and restaurants at hand in the enclosed and charming walking street, Fishermans Village.

Zazen at Bo Phut is within easy reach of the airport, cinema, historic port town, Nathon and upbeat Chaweng. Boats leaving for excursions beyond Samui, exploring the wondrous Angthong archipelago, are a step away. With more and more couples choosing to spend their honeymoon on these fabulous shores, and a multitude of families returning each year to share their holiday time in sand, sea and surprise, Koh Samui remains and will ever be the perfect island in the sun.


Ko Pha Ngan

Ko Pha Ngan (or Koh Phangan, Thai: เกาะพะงัน) is an island in the Gulf of Thailand in South East Thailand. It is famous for its full moon party at Haad Rin Beach and as a backpackers destination. Ko Pha Ngan has two sister islands: the larger Ko Samui to the south and the smaller Ko Tao to the north.

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Ko Tao

Ko Tao (also often Koh Tao, Thai: เกาะเต่า, lit. “Turtle Island”) is an island in Thailand located near the eastern shore of the Gulf of Thailand. It covers an area of about 21 km². Administratively it forms a tambon within the district (Amphoe) Ko Pha Ngan of Surat Thani Province. As of 2006 its official population number is 1382[1]. The main settlement is Ban Mae Hat.

The economy of the island is almost exclusively centered on tourism, especially scuba diving.

Ko Tao was named by its first settlers for the island’s turtle-like geographic shape. Coincidentally, the island is an important breeding ground for Hawksbill turtles and Green turtles. Development of tourism has negatively impacted the health of these grounds but a breeding program organized in 2004 by the Royal Thai Navy and KT-DOC, a coalition of local scuba diving centers has reintroduced hundreds of juvenile turtles to the island’s ecosystem.

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Mu Koh Ang Thong National park

Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park is an archipelago in the gulf of Thailand consisting of 42 separate islands, the principle islands being; Phaluai, Wua Ta Lap, Mae Ko, Sam Sao, Hin Dap, Nai Phut and Phai luak. All the islands occur in Ang Thong district, of Amphur Samui , Surat Thani province. The park covers a total area of 102 of which about only 18 Island. The National park does not encompass the entire island chain; its jurisdiction covers about 82% of the total area.The park was established on 12th November 1980.

You can book your excursion from the Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa reception.