Places to Visit in Koh Samui

Where to go in Samui ?

Wat Phra Yai and Big Buddha

The 12 meter tall golden statue presides over Koh Samui, visible from miles around and firmly recognized as Samui's most popular landmark attraction for both visitors and locals alike.

Climb up the stairs to the statue itself for some great views and fine photo opportunities, before exploring some of the surrounding shops, temples and accompanying giant Buddhist statues in the nearby area – full of colour and fun, a part of the culture of Thailand.

Mummified Monks

Two of Koh Samui's most revered monks are preserved at Wat Kiri Wongkaram and Wat Khunaram, their home for the past 20 years. Buddhist monks are held in great respect by the locals and this attraction is must see for anyone interested in the religion of Thailand.

Secret Hall of Buddhas

Wat Sumret is a very old An ancient Buddhist temple and home to a beautiful white marble Buddha. Inside Wat Sumret is a valuable collection of Buddha images. You will be welcomed by a resident monk, and allowed to enter on request. Remember to take off your shoes, and pay respects to the customs of the Thai faith. Ask at the Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa reception for more information on the dos and don'ts of entering a sacred Buddhist site.

Buddha's footprint

A hidden Samui secret. 2 km west of the main road turnoff for Butterfly Garden, head up the concrete slope on the left. Find the hilltop shrine, where four footprints are engraved one atop another. The view of the surrounding treetops is part of the attraction...

Heaven's Garden or Secret Garden

A garden of statues and wonder created by Nim Thongsuk, at the age of 77, intertwined by a glistening stream and located in the heart of the forest. A unique wonder to Koh Samui, Thailand. Explore this beautiful area. How many statues can you find?

Waterfalls in Samui

Take a swim in a Thailand waterfall on Koh Samui

Namtok Hin Lard is a 30 meters high waterfall on Samui, shallow and good for swimming. Visitors can climb to the upper tier of the waterfall to relax surrounded nature.

Na Muang 1 Waterfall Samui in the forest west of Nathon. is ideal for swimming, with waters rushing down the steep incline creating a dazzling effect. Surrounded by lush and verdant greenery, and touch of paradise.

Na Muang 2 Waterfall is reached 100 meters beyond Na Muang 1 Waterfall. Na Muang 2 Waterfall is quieter and less visited than its neighbour but is perhaps even more spectacular. A must see Koh Samui waterfall.

Hin Ta Hin Yai

The grandmother and grandmother rocks of Koh Samui, curiously shaped through years of erosion into a resemblance of the male and female genitalia. Visitors leaping down to have their photo taken with the “Grandmother,” there's something you don't see back home.

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