Green Philosophy at Zazen Resort Samui

At Zazen, we are committed to reduce the impact from our community on the environment. Our aim is to provide the best hospitality service possible to our guest by keeping in mind the "Three R's" Philosophy": Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. Zazen is a fully non-smoking establishment and one of the few "Green Gold Awarded Hotels" in Samui, based on Certification Standards established by Thailand's Department of Environmental Quality Promotion.

The Green Island Project Koh Samui, Thailand

Launched on June 18, 2007, The Green Island Project is an umbrella organization to network and encourage an environmentally aware mindset on Koh Samui. They understand that we as humans affect the environment, but they believe this does not have to be destructive. It can be done in a balanced way, to preserve and even enhance the natural world around us. They encourage everyone to participate - individuals, businesses, local organizations, government, the TAT, NGOs and even tourists to create awareness and work together, without judgment or prejudice. They encourage everyone on the island to make a contribution to reduce, recycle, reuse and become more aware of what a green jewel Samui still is.


Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa is committed to protecting our environment and preserving our precious natural resources. By going "green", we have made a promise to promote a lifestyle that ensures our environmental impact on the world around us is minimal and as positive as possible.

We have integrated various methods of green living into our daily lives and encourage our guests and team members to do the same. We reduce, reuse and recycle. We compost. We continue to search for the most environmentally friendly alternatives in production and clean our guest rooms with the most ecologically – responsible products on the market. We support our neighbors and local merchants and do our best to promote the good work they are doing throughout the community. By blending upscale tranquility with affordable luxury and low impact living practices, we offer our guests a touch of truly holistic hospitality.


A greener workplace:

Make where we work more sustainable

Water Conservation:

Waste Reduction:

Staff and Guest Awareness:

Community Service:



Please note that this is a working document and changes and improvements to the documents will be added as we strive to gain more experience and parties involved.


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